Boxing Day Haul!

Hi everyone! It’s itsprincessamy here and I thought I’d share with you a little haul!

Here in Australia we have Boxing Day. Boxing Day is the 26th of December, the day after christmas, and every single shop will have sales! They have sales of course on all the things they didn’t end up selling on Christmas day, so here is what I purchased:

9347385208081-9347385210589-31896The first thing I bought was a ‘Stussy’ cropped tank top from General Pants. I’ve been wanting one for ages and I bought a size 6 even though I’m usually a size 8, it doesn’t matter though because it still does fit me well. This item was not on sale but I had money given to me for Christmas so I spent that money!! šŸ™‚

Secondly I bought some brand new Nike’s!! I’ve been wanting these shoes for ages, wIMG_9926.JPGell since they came out a few weeks ago… hehe! My mum gave me money for christmas to spend on my boxing day shopping and these weren’t on sale either, because they are new so I bought these with that money. I chose the colour black as I already own some white Adidas Superstars. This photo I took myself as soon as I got home I was so excited, there are super comfortable! *I bought these from a shop called Hype. I did not but them at a Nike store but they are still authenticĀ Nike’s.

507595_blackwhitestripe_l.jpgI then went to Dotti. I don’t know if they have Dotti outside of Australia but it’s just a nice girls clothes shop similar to Forever 21 except it’s a bit more pricey! I bought a black and white stripey crop top, it’s original price was $3o but on sale I bought it for $10 so I was pretty happy. When I was this top though I don’t wear the sleevesĀ that far down. I usually wear a necklace and I find if I wear the sleeves on a diagonal on my shoulders it frames the necklace really well!

I also bought some brush cleaner from MAC. I bought this at Myer, a department sUnknown.jpegtore which stocks MAC products. I bought this for $20 with a $40 Myer voucher from my uncle. I haven’t tried this yet so I have no idea how well it
works but it’s a trusted brand so I’m sure it will be lovely to work with and it will keep my favourite make up brushes clean! šŸ˜‰


After going to Myer I went to Sephora (my most favourite shop in thUnknown-1.jpege world)!! Unfortunately I didn’t like any of the sales on at Sephora so I just purchased some things I’d been wanting for a while. I got a white pencilĀ eyeliner for my bottom waterline, I also got a cute mini heat pack for when you have a tremendously sore stomach at that time of the month and finally I bought a mini makeup remover! They are both such cute little items perfect fro travelling.


Finally I went to Napoleon Perdis and purchased make up wipes because I have used these before and have loved them ever since I first tried them.

So I hope you enjoyed reading about what I bought on Boxing Day. I promise you I’m not trying to brag, I finally got myself a job and bought everything with my own money some of which I received as a christmas gift!! I’m really hoping to blog more soon as I will have more a bit more time this week! That’s all for now…

itsprincessamy xoxo















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