Feeling Festive

Hi I’m itsprincessamy,

I decided to start a blog and considering the time of the year I thought I’d share my excitement about Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas! My favourite time of the year! Don’t you just love the tinsel, the green and red, the ‘pine’ smell of a Christmas tree and most importantly THE MISTLETOE! Not that I have anyone to kiss (the single pringle life, am I right?) I just love Christmas especially buying everyone gifts!

I know for some, Christmas is a time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ but I am one of the few people that don’t celebrate Christmas for this reason. At the moment I don’t believe in one religion, I believe all the different religions have their pros and cons. This means that Christmas for me is just a time to spend with family and be happy.

I also love Christmas because it means the year is ending and there is nothing I love more than a new beginning! A fresh slate to start my new year of living makes me the happiest person in the world! I no longer have to even dwell on my past let alone relive it! I can start new relationships with new people and forget the relationships I had with untrustworthy or unkind people. A new year really relieves me from any negativity I had the previous year.

I am so excited and ready for 2016! BRING IT ON!!

I cannot believe we are already on the 17th of December, Christmas is in a week! I have Justin Bieber’s Christmas album on repeat and throw in Mariah Carey here and there! I am more than excited to watch my parents open their gifts, I went all out for them this year!

I think I’ve babbled enough for now but I’ll be back sooner or later!

itprincessamy xoxo


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